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Consultation with Family

OPAL Institute Staff consult with family members who are worried about an older loved one. Consultation can help answer common questions such as:

  • What is going on with my loved one? Is there a medical cause for the problems we see?
  • Is my loved one intentionally acting this way?
  • How can I best help my loved one?
  • How do I help my loved one follow their medical plan? Be safe? Interact with me or family members in better ways?
  • How do I deal with aggressive behaviors? Anger? Denial? Fear? Possessiveness?
  • How can I help family members understand the situation and work TOGETHER?
  • How do I set boundaries with my loved one or other family members?
  • How do I take care of my loved one without doing so much that I’m harming myself or my family?
  • Why is my loved one’s home filled with piles of material, junk, or unused things?
  • What do I do of my loved one says he/she is going to hurt or kill him/herself?