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Memory / Brain

OPAL Institute Staff utilize neuropsychological evaluation to determine how a person’s brain is functioning and what is causing any dysfunction. This can help answer common questions such as:

  • Are these problems due to depression, dementia, or both?
  • Are these problems due to delirium or an acute medical problem?
  • Are these problems due to a progressive dementia?
  • What is the cause of this person’s cognitive problems?
  • Does this person have cognitive problems as compared to age and education-matched norms? (or does someone just THINK that they might?)
  • What strengths and weaknesses does this person have, so that we can utilize the strengths and compensate for their weaknesses?
  • Does this person have cognitive capacity to:
    a) manage finances independently?
    b) make medical decisions?
    c) live independently?
    d) change a will?
    (NOTE: See capacity section)


  • How can family understand their loved one’s cognitive problems and strengths and work with her/him more effectively?